• Downloading ebooks to nook free Under Currents

    Under Currents by Nora Roberts

    Downloading ebooks to nook free Under Currents

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    • Under Currents
    • Nora Roberts
    • Page: 448
    • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
    • ISBN: 9781250207098
    • Publisher: St. Martin's Press

    Download Under Currents

    Downloading ebooks to nook free Under Currents

    For both Zane and Darby, their small town roots hold a terrible secret. Now, decades later, they've come together to build a new life. But will the past set them free or pull them under? Zane Bigelow grew up in a beautiful, perfectly kept house in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Strangers and even Zane’s own aunt across the lake see his parents as a successful surgeon and his stylish wife, making appearances at their children’s ballet recitals and baseball games. Only Zane and his sister know the truth, until one brutal night finally reveals cracks in the facade, and Zane escapes for college without a thought of looking back... Years later, Zane returns to his hometown determined to reconnect with the place and people that mean so much to him, despite the painful memories. As he resumes life in the colorful town, he meets a gifted landscape artist named Darby, who is on the run from ghosts of her own. Together they will have to teach each other what it means to face the past, and stand up for the ones they love.

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